Joysticks & Microcontrollers

Joysticks 101. Basically, we’ve got two types of joysticks: analog and digital. You’ve probably used both kinds. The buttons work pretty much the same on either kind – you either click it or you don’t – but the actual “stick” part is what makes them different. This post starts out with some basic joystick info and then some info about how you can use a joystick with a microcontroller.

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The Hit Guitar

My stylish project amp, in all its monophonic glory…

Hit GuitarI’ve been trying to make music and noise from electronic gadgets and components. I wanted to make an amplifier that I could accidentally fry and not be upset about, so I made this one from the “Hit Guitar” that I found at Savers.

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Shower Time Machine

I tried to make a time machine using an AVR Tiny13 and a peanut butter jar. Okay, so maybe it’s not really a time machine, but it’s definitely a kind of trippy time-manipulator ala Doc Edgerton’s stroboscope experiments. Either way, it works and it’s pretty cool.

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