Vegetable Oil Conversion

A while back, I converted my 1994 Ford E-350 van to run on vegetable oil. I never took really good notes on what I did to convert the van, but I had all kinds of scribble-sketches hanging around all the time. Some of them are here.

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Vegetarian Food in Boston

Vegetarians and vegans traveling to Boston, get your food on.

I lived in Boston for years and I used to maintain a list of vegetarian restaurants and markets on this site. The information is very dated now so I got rid of the page. There’s no void to fill, though, since you can always check out bexx’s and its myspace group, which are way more informative than what I ever had. In any case, here’s a more narrative summary of the lists that I used to have here, for posterity’s sake. I’m guessing it’d work best as something that you print out and read on an airplane or bus. Continue reading “Vegetarian Food in Boston”